Whiteboard Stacks

Innovative & Integrated Product Library Management 


Library Curation

What's still on your shelves? Do you have all the latest information on hand? Are products easy to find?

We have extensive connections with the A&D product representatives and have managed architectural and interiors libraries for some of the CIty's most innovative firms. We offer services with the initial assessment and cleanup of dated catalogs, indexing, working with you in identifying key product categories to build upon and initiating the connections within sales rep networks to get your product library into beautiful shape... and keeping it there throughout the year.


Project Samples & Boards

You, your designers and clients need to see real samples, in real time for initial reviews and key decisions. Does that poorly mounted photo copy or web clipping send the right message?

We are able to sort through the initial stacks for product samples, order specific new ones for you and provide feedback for your project needs. In addition, we build beautiful professional display boards integrated to meet your visual design communication needs.


Continuing Education

When words and online doesn't suffice, and your employees need effective product rep demonstrations and continuing education events,  how are you managing all of these events?

Whether its a weekly lunch and learn, key learning event or social event to learn about new trends, we love to connect your employees to the A+D product industry in an effective, planned way. We can coordinate the events, track CUs and keep everyone well abreast of scheduled events and opportunities; all in your studio and workplace.

Within the architecture and design profession, effective and innovative product library management requires professional care and investment. Let us integrate into your culture, design flow and teams to seamlessly deliver these key services at the fraction of an full time employee or under performing assistant. Your library will be curated, samples sourced & showcased and employees kept abreast of new ideas, key education and case studies under the care of a professional designer who know how to effectively manage this key aspect of your business.