Together with WHITEBOARD

Creativity = Power for You, Your Products, Performance & Place

Working together, architects, designers, fabricators, builders, chefs, writers and thinkers all have something in common - we love the feeling of joy when we figure out something new. This experience is tenfold when it includes the clients, users, and partner designers/builders within our process. When we all walk thru the door into a final place that we created together we come to ultimate realization that the initial apprehension of ideas, the path of design and discovery, the process of creation was indeed something incredible.

WHITEBOARD is a design lab, so to speak that stands for working with you to define the right problem and therefore create the perfect set of solutions. For many years as architects and designers, we've been working with some of the world's greatest people and companies to make things better. Our projects span the globe in a diversity of places and cultures. We see and test concepts by drawing, doing, measuring and talking. We are both serious and fun. We find beauty in simplifying process. We love working with people to define and solve problems that become delightful expressions in the end... it is an art.

ARCHITECT = BUILDER ////////////////////// 
CREATIVITY = POWER ////////////////
THINK = TANK //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Some challenging design processes we make easy: